Atomic design, pattern libraries and more!

with Brad Frost

Web designer, speaker, writer, and consultant

Sunday October 25th, 2015

9:00 am - 5:30 pm

Brad photo
Brad photo

workshop leader: Brad Frost

Brad Frost is a web designer, speaker, writer, and consultant located in beautiful Pittsburgh, PA. He’s passionate about creating Web experiences that look and function beautifully on a never-ending stream of connected devices, and is constantly tweeting, writing and speaking about it. He’s the author of Atomic Design, and has also helped create several tools and resources for web designers, including This Is Responsive, Pattern Lab,, WTF Mobile Web, and Mobile Web Best Practices.

Atomic Design, Pattern Libraries, and More! is a full-day masterclass that dives into the world of pattern-based Web design and development. You’ll learn why modularity is an essential principle for modern Web design, how atomic design can be used to create effective interface design systems, what tools to use to create successful pattern libraries, and how to make pattern-based design and development the cornerstone of your organization’s workflow.

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